Yesterday marked three years— ooh, pretty flowers

This blog is three years old.  And what can I say?… It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and… whatever else you had to answer to on the final essay in High School English class.  Aah, I remember year one of this blog like it was… three years ago.

Okay, so it doesn’t feel like three years, it feels like less.  Things move so slowly ’round here.  You see, the thing about not exceeding expectations, or worse, not even meeting them is… there’s not enough to reflect on.  There are no special memories, at least none I can reflect on.  People in my heart… and people that have left. 😦  I miss one person, in particular.  Pain and emptiness, lol.

But seriously, where has the time gone?  Have I learned anything new, besides what I’ve read— in other words, what everyone has read?  Have I loved more than before, besides what began mid-2014 (which actually started offline)?  Sigh.  I would’ve written a three-year anniversary post yesterday had it mattered enough, the vast majority of my time for the week was spent on emulation software.  Late, there too.

But, with all the time spent the way it was, things happened the way they were supposed to.  I am again reminded, with all the activity, successes and failings: you have to live first.

You have to act (and sleep) first.  You have to internalize what you understand, and to truly understand something you must live it.  There’s so much B.S. out there; and what people say to clear up the B.S. often adds more B.S.  In summation:

Trust no one.

—No.  What I’m actually getting at is: take care of you.  You take care of your blog as it needs to reflect the truth, as you live, as you do.  Hearsay is at best inadequate, and sucking is… sucking.

What you put in to a blog serves only the reflection, not the writer.  So make it a good one.  A truly good one. …So there.

…’Kay, now on with the photos! 🙂

On one of the trips to the Portland library, late June, these plants stood out:




As usual, I didn’t ask for permission on uploading these pictures… but what’s public is public, right? …Please don’t sue me.
Would someone please tell me what these are? …Or not.
And some plants of the “more ordinary” kind…

Of course, it’s August, now.  Some of the flowers had to be removed— wilting and all.  Some leaves are turning red.  A few in the driveway look like this:

[red leaf]

But at Back Cove, you may still see massive counts of these…

Oh, there are more than what you meets the eye, even beyond this panorama.

Let’s get a closer look at these flowers—whatever they’re called, shall we?


Plus a few orange… seedling-things.


How about another panorama before I go, yes?  This one may capture Back Cove better than the previous one, back in May.

[Back Cove panorama]
Bet you can’t tell this was a little broken.  The image had two extra As on the “PORTLAND WATER DISTRICT” sign—at least, and an extra tower in the distance…
…—Oh, oh, oh, and last but not least—and a little off-subject (however taken on the same late-June day), some proof that the X-Files is returning, courtesy of subscription to Entertainment Weekly:

[Entertainment Weekly—X Files cover]

…That’s if they’re still planning on it… I wouldn’t know, being a complete outsider…

[stop sign, car]

Well, that’s it for today.  See you next year.  Or probably sooner. 😉


7 thoughts on “Yesterday marked three years— ooh, pretty flowers

  1. Happy Blog Birthday, wow, 3, cool, cheers and to many more years!!! 🙂
    I can’t wait for X-Files to return either, but it seems too far away and it will just make me want more. 🙂
    Congrats!!! 🙂


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