Holding On

Welcome to another installment of Friday Fiction… on a Saturday.  Hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, people from all over the world, individually, try at writing a three-part short story for a picture prompt by week’s end.  A seriously short story—no more than a hundred words.  This week’s photo is from Stephen Baum.

I just love this week’s prompt photo— a tunnel!  It leaves so many things to the imagination.  So many ideas, a few obvious metaphors…

The thing is: I’m hopeless.  I went one way, and ran out of time.  Enjoy.

100 words

Photo Copyright © Stephen Baum

Ray hung up.  Sigh.  “There’s no light at the end of the tunnel.”  He looked at his drink.

“What?” said Jill.


‘Nothing’?  “You know, I get that it’s hard losing a close friend.  It can feel like the world’s falling apart.”

“No, it…”

“—But I don’t get this.  Are you honestly going to sit there, and brood like there’s no tomorrow? …There is light at the end.”  She grabbed his hand.

Ray chuckled.  “Jill, I was talking about an actual tunnel.”

“…Oh.”  But with her grip, he knew.

Thick, thin, they never stopped holding hands, especially toward the end.

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