Summer Photos


A few weeks into Summer, here, in North America; temperatures have entered the 80s (Fahrenheit) in Maine, and over 100 toward the West coast—even the North, enough to make it hard to imagine there being any snow in Fargo right now…

The season didn’t kick off very warm, though.  It rained June 22.

Okay, so this photo is actually from July 1. …But rain is rain, and a few thunderstorms rolled by, so far.

The colors are intense, and the flowers are blooming like there’s no tomorrow… Here are some wildflower pics (all planted).




And pine cones are dropping…


And other droppings…

[bird dung on greens]

Yeah, the birds are quite active now.  Full of song.  I’m trying to record some audio of it, but they seem to stop precisely whenever I start recording… So until then, phone camera photos, possible videos…

With the limited camera resolution, I have to get close up with all these objects, get the timing right for focus, and color/gamma-correct in processing (hence the delay; most of these images are from last month)… but I just found out that I could unlock the full capabilities of the camera with some software out there.  Unfortunately, those 8 megapixels with manual controls come with an additional “unlocking” cost.  Of course.

However, it wasn’t long before I started taking advantage of panoramas to get more range, more end-resolution.  And, it turns out, panoramas can run vertically.

tree panorama
Finally, I can get the whole tree! (Stepping back a ways.)

But I’m still not completely satisfied.  The only way to get any good detail, is to get…




[tree bark]…close.


Can anyone tell what kind of green this texture is from?



Sorry, trick question; that texture does not exist in nature.

I did, however, see a porcupine a week or so ago.  At first, I thought it was a cat.  Naturally.  Then I thought it one of the skunks that drop by that get into the trash.  But no, it was a porcupine.  It couldn’t get away from me fast enough! …Being someone who doesn’t carry his phone everywhere he goes, I wasn’t able to get a photo of it…

But I was able to catch footage of a squirrel! …Lousy footage.

See it?  No?

Oh, well.  At least I got more photos to share. …And they’ll take me forever to process and upload…

…Oh, great, people are setting off fireworks, ahead of schedule, possibly keeping me up tonight… Ugh… don’t they know that fireworks on the wrong day can be considered noise pollution?

And I only got three hours of sleep today.  Wish me luck! 🙂

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