Recommended Reading

Sometimes I question the existence of this blog.  (lol, sunshine and lollypops today. 🙂 )

Someone asked: ‘what’s a good starting post for your blog?’  Hmm… That is a tough one.  So, I responded, via smartphone…

I don’t know. It’s a mixed bag…far from flawless. …There’s No One Can Save You (but yourself), which was a turning point for me. But even that shows its age… anything before July 27, 2014 I wouldn’t recommend reading, unfortunately.

Almost three years old, and…I say that.  Improve as I may, still to this day, this blog is just not a good example of a blog. 🙂

I mean, but I’m not real a blogger.  Say what you will.  I’m a “plonker.”  Like the kid that can only plink/plonk the keys on a piano, but never really play.  And that’s if I had a normal childhood.  Sigh…


…But wait, there’s more!  Another “oh, no” moment hit me that day (yesterday).  The blog was on a roll.  A blog roll.

Imagine to my surprise, someone else asked if it was okay to link back here.  (After already putting it up.)  Now, assuming the link’s gone (respecting my wishes), go on over and check out « X-tra reading pleasure » 🙂

Now, “why ‘oh, no’?” you may ask. …Should I say it?  Some of my writing is troubling.  Darkness.  Negativity.  Ego in the words.  Consequences.  Seriously.  End of discussion.  Writing is hard, having to cut so mu—

Crafting a blog roll can also be difficult.  I tried several times, my own list of recommended posts / blogs, and succeeded only once.  It’s futile for a page, in my feeble humble opinion; even if someone was able to accurately represent the list, inevitably the picture changes.  Blogs change.  People change.  Blogs die.  People d—… uh… See what I mean, there?  Darkness.

Now, I’d hate to disappoint my fellow Blogicans— I mean, dear, dear readers, with a title like “Recommended Reading” and not have some recommended reading of my own.  So I guess I’ll make a list.  Easy, right?


Unfortunately, I haven’t been paying much attention to blogs lately.  But there are a few books I’ve been meaning to read.  Problem is, I am tired and poor these days.

“The Tireds and Poor’s was out of service, yesterday…”

So, without further notice, some books to check out anyway:

PaperTowns2009_6AFirst, if you haven’t heard, John Green’s Paper Towns (2008) was turned into a movie (to be released July 24).  Unlike The Fault In Our Stars and An Abundance of Katherines (both of which I’ve read, and also recommend if you haven’t caught either), Paper Towns is more “mystery and detective.”  Quite different. …But “coming of age” too.

Second, I hear Our Endless Numbered Days (2014) by Claire Fuller is good.  (Multiple cover images.)  Website here.  “No reader who follows Fuller’s own breadcrumb trail will be surprised by the book’s biggest twist…”—Chicago Tribune.  Available in the U.S., now, I… wish I could get my hands on it.  (Tired and poor.)

factory-girlsAnd then there’s Factory Girls (2008) by Leslie T. Chang, former correspondent for WSJ in Beijing.  “From Village to City in a Changing China,” it’s the story of two young migrant workers working in China.  This book is fairly easy to read…judging by the limited amount I had read.  At the library.  It’s non-fiction, so you’re guaranteed to learn something… 3.9/5 on Goodreads.

51okJS2+n6L._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_And speaking of non-fiction, The Art of the Con (to be released July 14) by Anthony M. Amore delves into “The Most Notorious Fakes, Frauds, and Forgeries in the Art World,” and yet the stories aren’t notorious and the blurb isn’t very representative of the content.  It is well-researched, though, and a page-turner of its kind… if I read the reviews on Amazon correctly.  4.6/5 stars there.  I just found out about this title… after googling “Recommended Reads.”

Well, that makes four.  Oh, and the giveaway for A Housefly in Autumn ends July 26.

Have a nice day.  And stay tuned for some Summer Photos! …Or not.

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