Experiments in Car Art

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers!  Hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, people from all over the world try their respective hands at writing a three-part short story for a picture prompt by week’s end.  A seriously short, at that—no more than a hundred words.  This week’s prompt photo is from Jean L. Hays.

Well, I got in early this time.  So, assuming no one else already had the idea that quickly flashed into my mind upon seeing the photo, here’s my silly take… Enjoy.

99 words

Photo Copyright © Jean L. Hays

“What are you doing?” commanding officer Rolfnark asked of the crew.

“Experimenting in, what the humans call, ‘wall art,’” answered crew member Draggard.

“But these are cars,” asserted Rolfnark.

“We couldn’t secure a portal for a wall. …Walls aren’t in the middle of a field.”

Rolfnark sighed over the inexperience of his crew, handed down to him from above.  “So you stole some cars?”


“Now, why on Mars would you spray-paint rental cars?”

Draggard shrugged.

“Return the Frigg-damn cars, immediately!”

“Oh—oh, okay.  Sir.”

Before long, Rolfnark got word how the cars were returned— shot into the ground.  He face-palmed.

(And if you haven’t heard, The X-Files is returning to television, yay!)

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