Lasting Impressions

Welcome to another installment of Friday Fiction.  Hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, people from all over the globe try, as they may, at writing a three-part short story for a picture prompt before week’s end.  A really short story, at that—no more than a hundred words.  (Quite a challenge to make every word count.)  This week’s prompt photo is from Kent @ wmqcolby.

…Here’s my lovely little tale. 😉

100 words

Photo Copyright © Kent Bonham

“So you’re a collector?”  Make a good impression, Elyse.  Wow, getting that promotion’s gotten to my head.  I managed to break a smile.

He cocked his head.  “A collector of sorts.”  He smiled back.  “My… you’re beautiful.”

I blushed.  “Uh, I’ve never been to an art gallery before.”

He chuckled.  “Neither have I.”

I thought I hit the jackpot.  He even replaced my worn shoes!

Before long, I saw his place.

“Could I use your bathroom?”

“Last door on the left.”

I snuck into the bedroom.  The door closed behind me.  “Jim?”  I couldn’t find a knob.

“Welcome home, Elyse.”

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14 thoughts on “Lasting Impressions

  1. She wasn’t listening, he said he was a collector but had never been to an art gallery. He was too good to be true, but sometimes we just don’t listen to those little voices in our head, do we? Story, well told!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good build-up with well placed clues, and a great ending. No doorknob! She lost her head, I feel – promotion, new shoes, handsome man – a recipe for disaster.


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