Closing in on Summer…

It’s gotten relatively hot over the past couple days.  Temps in the 80s (Fahrenheit), some sweating. …It’s hot inside.  The heat generated by the electronics is noticeable.  I even took a break with the phone so it’d cool off…a short one.

I know it’s Summer—or almost—when the greens are obstructing view of the world.  I mean, can you see anything in the distance in this photo?  (And this is the front yard, opposite the drive way.)


Somewhat related to the trees, it’s not just the pollen that’s fallen, it’s…whatever these are:


And speaking about bloomin’ seeds, the dandelion in recent memory has blossomed into a puff ball.  …That’s the technical term, right?  Puff ball? …From this:


To this:

IMG_20150528_151519_916I did manage to get it in focus (click it for high-def!)…

(note: I removed a red brightness in the center of the two dandelion photos—something with these phone cameras)

…But that’s not all.  The small tree, dare I say, is standing tall and taller than before.

(and sorry for the overexposure…greenish leaves)

And here’s some proof the caterpillars are out…


And so are the flies and mosquitoes…I just noticed a mosquito bite on the back of my right hand.  (No photos of that, haha.)

Well, that’s it for now.  Stay tuned for my shots of Back Cove Trail in Portland.  It’s a beaut.

9 thoughts on “Closing in on Summer…

      1. Nope. I never lived there. My mom moved to New Hampshire after she re-married and I considered moving closer (but not TOO close!) to be near her. I only visited Portland one time (for one day) but I loved it. It’s unlikely we passed each other but you never know!

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