Some more photos…

Aah, Spring pollination…


…in the mailbox.  I mean, that’s where pollen goes, right?  As allergy seasons go, any allergic mail men/women may be affected by the yellow stuff…

Well, besides the pollen, the chlorophyl is out in full swing.  More vibrant photos, yay.  Some, you can click to enlarge.  However, the flower I showed you last time has turned into this…

But I did find more flowers to photograph.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the camera to keep focus, close up (the wind certainly didn’t help), so it’s just these two.

A smaller yeller flower.
Little white flowers popping up in a few places.  (1432×660 resolution)
And now for some chlorophyl close-ups, shall we?

The caterpillars are out, if this is any indication
Some greens next to the house.  I’m no botanist, so I can’t name these.
Nor these.  All over the front yard.  They may be poison ivy for all I know.
And lastly, and briefly, some rusted-through metal.

rusted-throughA long, long time ago, my father built a shed.  Then he left.  (I’m an “adult” child of divorce.)  Then the neighbors—with permission—took apart the shed, and used almost all of its metal for scrap.  For all those seasons since, this metal plate has been out there, rusting.  Another reflection of decay.

…Well, that’s it for now.  Gotta sleep.  And then do the Friday Fic what-have-you.  And actually get to reading blogs in general.  If I can.

Signing off, good morning, and good night.


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