Bloomin’ Sprouting Spring

If you hadn’t noticed, I have been absent for the last couple of weeks.  This was due to running out of data.  I used to be able to tether, but no… Mysterious transfers killed the ability to freely do that.  A consequence of anything is better than nothing: things move sloooowwwly…and you may be hacked.

Getting back here—somewhat, in the attempt to write a post, I found my writing: lame.  So I’ll just leave you with some Spring photos taken over the last two weeks.

Some are (relatively) high-res., that you can click to enlarge.  All have been “color-corrected,” gamma-adjusted…but not totally correct, as far as what they look like IRL.

You really want to look at this one closer…
Green, green, green…
Supposedly, the winds broke this tree…told you there were mushrooms
Prior to “correction,” the stump was particularly reddish.

(tree-obstructed) street view
Okay, the colors in that last one are noticeably off. …But something’s better than nothing, right?  Not always.


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