*Officially* Spring in Maine

You know it’s Spring when…


You can leave a photo untouched, already full of color, with the blue sky, greens, and browns of bark.

When you can walk outside without a jacket or coat, as I did in the afternoon.  Temperatures were in the upper 60s until sunset; only later did I put the jacket on.

When you can count the few remaining patches of snow.

Driveway—snow/slush small enough to be removed by hand
Beside the house
Front yard (littered a bit; notice the wood)
And who can forget, the little tree, now completely free of the white stuff.

Barely any color-correction needed for this photo—full sunlight.  (April 15)
These Spring photos sure beat the heck out of the bleak January ones…

Shot through a screen…
Let there be green!


Okay, not so much green yet as the leaves are all brown leftovers on the ground.  But they’ll grow back soon enough…

In the meantime, there’s plenty of oxygen to go around!  Aah, to just walk around and breathe…my brain thanks me for the O2, lol. 😀


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