Beginning to look like Spring

cleared snow

Most of the snow is gone, and the bare ground, with the leaves, should say it all.  Higher temperatures, above freezing, as high as 50°F—it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no precipitation, but even then the rain helps clear the snow.

tree free from snow

And there’s the small tree, now free from the snow, standing almost upright.  These photos don’t do the scenery justice as I can’t properly color-correct them.

So.  Tomorrow’s forecast: 61° and sunny. …But you never know, it could snow.  At least I can walk around freely, getting exercise that way, without having to deal with the white stuff.  The mud is less muddy and more like dirt.  (For now.)

Well, I wish I had more for today, but…nothing happens around these parts.  Have a good Sunday. …Man, life is flying me by…


13 thoughts on “Beginning to look like Spring

  1. Spring has sprung here too, it hit 20 Celsius today , was a nice tee shirt and jeans kind of day, I enjoy your pictures, won’t be long before everything is a brilliant green and new again 🙂 and yes time does seem to fly by rapidly.


    1. 68°F…no need for a jacket at that point—getting to ideal range of temperatures. (And for cold Canada.)

      “… time does seem to fly by rapidly.” Aging normally will do that. (Or at least, I think it’s normal.)


      1. I’m not so sure about today, and honestly that was the temperature the Firehouse had displayed on their outside electronic sign. I believe they are at least 5 degrees higher as they are also 5 min fast on their clock lol. The weather channel says 57 out here, and feels the same. I’m still hopeful…


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