Resurrecting #badblogtips

First thing first, Happy Easter, everyone! 🙂
Today celebrates of the resurrection of Christ, and…over time, hard-boiled eggs, the Easter Bunny and candy, somehow.  But since it is no longer Sunday in Europe, I might as well just move on…

So, as Christ was resurrected, I thought I’d resurrect .  Okay, so I may have just offended some people with that…uh, forget the title.

And that.

The point is, we have to learn from our mistakes, right?  So why not document our mistakes with a twitter hashtag so we can finally learn our lesson, right?  In a satirical manner? …Okay, so I’m no good at satire, and could never replace Jon Stewart, or his new replacement.  Then again, I never really liked that show

Now that I’ve turned off most of the audience…according to twitter search, #badblogtips was only used thrice before, the last instance in 2013.  It’s not registered, apparently, so anyone can use it however they like…partly because it will be largely ignored.  Either way, proper use of a hashtag is actually unenforceable; going against the grain may lead to shame and unfollows…possible firings, but that’s it…

For the last 2013 tweet, someone named Brian K. thought he may do a series.
“For optimal traffic, put up posts on Friday night. New hashtag series I’m thinking of starting. Modeling after myself.”  (Ha-ha, larf.)  That was the only tweet he made with the hashtag…

And before that, Shawn F., in 2011.
“Make an effort to use one out-of-context racial slur per post. Make it a to link to other creative types.   (Now that’s the un-PC spirit! 🙂 )

…So…now…before the day is over…on to my own exaggerations.  Right before I stole resurrected began using #badblogtips, I used #blogging.  Of course people’d need to have a sense of humor to understand those tweets.  It took something beyond the pale…my Never post.

…Yeah, I sometimes ‘share’ my raw thoughts on twitter.  It became clear, I needed a clearer hashtag.  (And I only said “g-damn Spam” for the rhyme, to tell you the truth.)

But besides my inability to properly add tags (please, feel free to help me there), is my inability to make great comments.

And sometimes I worry…anyone could reduce the maximum link count for possible Spam moderation to one/zero, that if I were to comment with a link or two I might go into the Spam folder.

And then I looked at the blog Settings page, and was reminded that this maximum links option would put said comments into general comment moderation, not Spam; the blog admin would have to manually flag the commenter.  (So that little joke doesn’t actually work.)  Besides WP glitches and identity theft, accidental flagging (or possibly even deliberate flagging by a-holes) of commenters as Spam might be a reason why some normal people are going into the Spam folder.

And then something else happened, I became witness to.  I’ll leave it up to the reader to figure out what I mean, as to not be mean… I was kind of happy the first time I switched the blog’s theme/template to 2013, from…Notepad.  However, it just so happens that 2013 has become so unpopular in 2015, that…

Sigh.  Well, that’s the end of this post.  You can stay tuned for more bad-blog-tips.  Or not.

In the mean time, I’ll be watching DVDs on the PC now, since the large CRT television has reduced to…


Can you make out Mr. Selfridge?  This photo, taken minutes ago, documents what would be called a vertical scan issue.  Triple-sigh

10 thoughts on “Resurrecting #badblogtips

  1. “Always try to engage w. the audience, even by making comments on others’ posts that aren’t productive or don’t make much sense”<— This! I wrote a post a while back mentioning that every tough guy who disagrees with you online is a Navy Seal, and how impossible that is given the size of the Navy and their selection process, and someone who obviously skimmed it commented, "Thank you for your service."


  2. This made me laugh, mostly because it’s creepily true. “Pick a convenient theme that says hardly anything about you, and one used by people who it turns out may actually be insane.” The imaginary (and I stress the word) one that came into my mind was @serialkillersonparole Not only is it a horrid possibility, but no one with twitter etiquette would use a hashtag that long. 🙂

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    1. Um, symbols with the ‘@’ are called twitter handles (I think), limited to 20 characters (not including the ‘at’). Hashtags start with a ‘#’, and are limited only by the 140 limit.


      1. I’m fairly new to twitter. A friend set up my page and it took him over an hour to help me figure out how to use it. Stuff happens on Twitter so fast, I feel like a turtle trying to cross the LA freeway. 🙂

        I still have a lot to learn about using it.

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  3. I quit twitter when I ceased to need it for work. It was such a relief to lose that I most likely will never go back.


  4. Makes me wonder how many bad blog things I’ve done and haven’t realized it…

    I don’t think I have the hashtag thing down too well. I use them on occasion, but I’m not sure they bring any more tweeps to the yard.


    1. Not everyone’s on WP (obviously), but hashtags can promote views if used right; hashtag days can really help. I usually don’t use them for my posts, and as result twitter makes a small fraction of views.

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    1. I got over the that phase too early for #badblogtips tweets. Except the worship part. …Okay, so I still have expectations on occasion ’cause I still don’t quite know what I’m doing…

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