Feminist Ninja Badass or (I’m a Feminist and I Love Men)

There’s no such thing as rising up by pulling others down.

We all have our personal strengths and weaknesses, but reflecting on one thing (such as gender) by categorically demoting the other?  That sucks.  And it doesn’t fix anything attempting to force a counter-balance, especially uneducated.  In order for elements of nature to work as they would, nature has to be allowed to work with humanity in the first place.  Please don’t suck, people.

The markdown in Dojo is absurd.  Females usually have less bulk, physically, but there’s always more to martial arts than physical strength.  The art is mostly mental.  And what does it say if you’re less able to defend yourself, leaving, since these things are learned?

Well, now I know POMAD could kick my ass.  And that makes me smile. 🙂  What doesn’t make me smile is witnessing the title The Myth of Male Power: Why Men Are the Disposable Sex (1993), when I looked up ‘misandry.’

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I practiced Kung-Fu from ages fourteen to twenty-something. At my first Dojo, we practiced a mix of Kung-Fu and Muai-Thai, which is as badass as a monkey riding a unicorn and playing the violin at the sound of “Total Eclipse of The Heart”.

Now that’s badass.

Anyway, we used to have weekly fights in that Dojo. You heard me. I would go to the center of the room along with a guy quite bulkier than I was, and we would fight. No protection, no shoes. We just put to practice everything we learned.

I tended to be much faster than the guys, but I did get the eventual punch every now and then, or the usual sweep kick. And you know what, this is a pretty good example of what feminism is all about.

You see, being there was my choice. I was being treated equally to the other guys…

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