Award Season

“Award season!”
“Duck season!”
“Award season!”
“Duck, Fire!”

…Anyone…for tennis? (“Rabbit Season”, Warner Brothers)
…Anyone for tennis?
(“Rabbit Fire”, Warner Brothers)

If there’s anything this blog isn’t, it’s award-winning.  I might as well put up an award-free blog page… But let’s just entertain the idea, shall we?

The award nods started all almost two years ago.  Back in the early days, the first nomination (and no one ever actually wins anything, by the way; it’s a decoration meant to promote sharing…traffic) came from Sonya, over at Duck Soup.  Now, I have the award image(s), but I’m not following the rules, so…*cough*… just imagine the Versatile Blogger award.  There you go.

…And it feels like two years since Sonya was present.  She’d posted in December, but things have changed quite a bit since then.  It’s a different atmosphere altogether, 2015.  And, also because I secretly fell in love with her.

Now, I know people, normal people may be like, all self-deprecating and stuff, sayin’ they’re not great at somethin’, when it turns out they’re better than average… Well, I’m not versatile, just accept that.  I’d even say, I bet I can’t even fight my way out of a paper bag…  And speaking of paper bags…

Grocery Store Madness, back on the 10th, offered the Liebster to my bag…—erm, blog.  Sorry.

Unfortunately, TDI (this blog) has too many followers for the under-200-count Liebster.  Which is funny because according to the stats, some 95% of the followers actually ignore TDI.

“Adam Jason P has a lot to say,” Grocery Store Madness said. …Which is another way of saying there isn’t much of anything actually going on here.  Which is true.

…But it was a bit of a shock to find butchcountry67 link TDI for the Day Dreamer.

Being offered the Day Dreamer is also funny…and sad because I can’t remember the last time I daydreamed, nor does the blog inspire any daydreams.  (And notice that ‘daydream’ is a single word.  Consider me a grammar cop…an unemployed one, incapable of enforcing anything.)

But can you imagine? …Exactly.

You should’ve seen how amused I was to see another one consecutively from bc67.  He got three awards, some 6 or 7 days apart each — the Creative Blogger, where I, on the other hand, am not creative.  Not right now. …Or ever.  I see my “work,” and my tweets, and…just want to go back to gaming.  The so-called “novel” has been gathering dust.  Or eDust, since it really only exists on hard drives and flash.

Now, to finish abruptly… If the WP documentation on ping-backs is correct, turning pings off temporarily should stop them from being generated when I hit Publish.

Wish me luck!

And to bloggers in general: when you receive an award, you don’t have to hand it out immediately!  Grow your blog a little so you can have enough links…or better links, so you don’t end up selecting troubled blogs like this one.  (Not that I don’t appreciate the offer, but still.)


3 thoughts on “Award Season

  1. Very interesting post Adam! 🙂
    On Awards… hmmm… I subtly declined receiving awards now, it’s great but could also be time consuming if one is not careful, you know what I mean? 🙂


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