Friday Fictioneers: Whispers in the Woods

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s photo is by Rachel Bjerke of Mostly Words.

Now, I missed the last one.  I wrote maybe a third of something, but it was too sad—so sad I couldn’t continue.  This one’s more of a bed time story.  Or, a nightmare story.  Whichever, take your pick.

100 words

Photo Copyright © Rachel Bjerke

I’ll never forget that night.  I was sent alone again, for grandma’s house, like Little Red Riding Hood.  Time spent in these parts hadn’t stopped me from looking over my shoulders.  I swear, the trees talk to each other.

I walked, steadfast but quiet.  I reached the house, relieved.  But there I heard the strangest sound, so I bolted inside.  Oddly, my parents were there, and my entrance startled them.  Dad was disappointed, enough that he challenged my “fear of monsters.”  He opened the door.  It was a man.

I was the only one to escape grandma’s house alive.

Participation is welcome to all.  The goal is to write a story, beginning-middle-end, in 100 words or less.  You are also encouraged to “think outside of the box.”

Click here to view the inLinkz for what others have written for the prompt, or add one.

Visit Addicted to Purple for Rochelle’s own stories and her Friday Fictioneers page for more details.  You can follow her blog for the prompt each Wednesday.


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