Windows 10, already…

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Yeah, what happened to version 9?  (And of course we all know what happened to 7.)

Doobster, over at Mindful Digressions, came across what we all face, one time or another, going to the electronics store: “we no longer sell that.”  Or at least, they no longer sell it in-store.  He decided to go for the online-only laptop with 7 Pro, end of story.

Well.  Of course, I knew Windows 7 was no longer sold at places like…Best Buy?  I thought Best Buy was gone too.  They closed so many stores, I figured they’ve closed them all by now. …Oh, no, that was Circuit CitySigh.  Just a memory now…

Aah, yes, the decline of retail stores.  It’s blamed on the many that use the stores now merely as a place to peruse so they can make their purchase online.  And who can blame them?…other than the media research people I just said that blame them… I always see lower prices in the Best Buy flier for online deals than in-store.  (Of course, it’s credit-not-cash, not to mention shipping costs…)

But back to the main point.

As a Windows 8 user (and not by choice), I would say that 8 is better than 7 in some ways, with the return of the Up-one-level button, and a more understated interface, which helps the actual apps stand out.  And of course, there are features that 7 doesn’t have.

Version 8 does, however, force vertical-sync, that it waits until screen refresh to actually update a whole window on the screen, so some programs that ran smoothly under Windows XP will be a bit jerky, visually…including the 32-bit DVD player software that comes with 8.  And like version 7, it also won’t run 16-bit programs, so ancient software has to be emulated…

I may be more used to XP, but I’ve spent way more time with Classic Mac OS.
I may be more used to XP, but I’ve spent waaay more time with Classic Mac OS.  This image captured with Windows 8.  I’m starting to love Alt-Print Screen.

Emulation basically solves the issue of being able to run older software, with emulators like DOSBox, MESS and Basilisk II (above).  The typical PC of today is fast enough to simulate any console or computer of the ’90s.  It’s also a good thing that the Mac version of my trusty (but also ancient) digital dictionary is less buggy than the Win3.x version.

So the switch to Windows 8 wasn’t as bad as I thought, though I had to adapt.  It can be set up to go straight to the desktop on launch.  I guess I was hasty with irritation, back in 2013.  (And boy does time fly in Hell, Maine.)

With upgrades, Microsoft brought back some classic features (yay!).  But… recently, Windows 9 died a quick death, so Microsoft decided to just go ahead, and move “forward” on merging the PC, phone and tablet interfaces, into one, with version 10.

Now, I know, from experience as a programmer, how flawed if not insane it is to try to merge absolutely everything into one package.  The one-size-fits-all approach never worked out for me, probably ’cause it shouldn’t be done in the first place.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want giant buttons on my computer screen.

Okay…Microsoft…can I call you MS?  Oh, it sounds too much like Multiple Sclerosis—sorry.  I know, like any product maker, if you make something perfect enough, you’ll have fewer customers looking for upgrades, you’ll make less money, and may run a snag with new projects and new ambitions.

So I’ll just be brief with this one and only request—even though it’s very late and won’t be heard anyway: don’t treat your customers like children!  A desktop computer is not a toy!

…Okay, okay, so I often emulate some kind of Nintendo® or legacy game with mine…

The consoles died, every last one of them…

But, Microsoft, you merged Office’s main menus into a somewhat-confusing one with the logo at the top.  And now, if you merge everything into one OS, you force users into it when it comes to buying new PCs and devices, am I right?

Okay, maybe I’m being cynical. …No.  No, I know it’s been done before…

But at least the Start Menu looks like a menu and not a screen.  Of course, everything is subject to change, so I’m not sure it’s a good idea to provide a link.

For those looking to get the Start Menu back in Windows 8, here’s a comprehensive list of third party software, most of them free.

10 thoughts on “Windows 10, already…

  1. Thanks for the linkback and the informative post. Possibly, if was more adventurous, I’d go with a machine running 8.1 with an eye toward the Windows 10 upgrade. But I’ve had good luck with 7; it does what I need it to do and it does it well. I’m not a power-user, a gamer, and I don’t do heavy-duty graphics, so I think I should be okay with good, old, reliable Windows 7 Professional.

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  2. Well, the world is full of opinions – different people, different views, but the common experience is ‘ good to go with Windows 7’ for being a simple, user friendly, no-nonsense OS; yes sir, any day!:)

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  3. I’ve stuck with Windows 7, as has our work (Windows 8 was so different we don’t have time to get it properly configured and then teach everyone how to use it).

    Let’s see what Windows 10 has in store – we have to upgrade sometime and now that I’m used to Server 2012 R2 I suppose I’ll cope 🙂

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  4. My 8-year-old laptop caught an evil virus recently. Mad Cow, I think it was. Now, I may be a genius on paper, at least according to Mensa, but IRL I am an old great-grandma and I’m getting tired of learning new technology all the dang time. Even if I did used to work for the now-defunct Radio Shack way back in the dark ages of transistor radios.

    I lived in a small coastal town in Maine then and I was the first female ever hired to work in that store. I’m pretty sure I was only hired because I showed the manager my Mensa membership card. A woman had to be a genius to work as a minimum wage clerk in Radio Shack, apparently. It also didn’t hurt that I knew how to set the clocks on the VCRs.

    One day an old geezer, who was probably about the age I am getting to be now, walks into the store.

    I say, “Good morning, Sir. Can I help you find anything?”

    Old Geezer stops dead in his tracks and gives me the evil eye. “GOOD GAWD — has Women’s Lib come to Machias, Maine now?” he bellows.

    Getting old in this electronic internet age is seriously freaking me out. I can time travel all over the internet. Which is almost as scary as time traveling inside my own head. ;-D

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    1. Win 8 was frustrating at first. But I found it more capable, more robust. The smartphone wouldn’t even connect with XP.

      Mensa or not, design flaws made setting the VCR clock difficult anyway. No working VCRs here. 🙂

      I have no idea where Machias is, having traveled nowhere. But Radio Shack! Gone before it went bankrupt—I cannot guarantee the last one I saw sold any transistors. Defective cables…

      Everything becomes difficult with age. Just remembering not to put the cheese where the tape is supposed to go, the tape dispenser in the fridge.  Missing respite & exercise has made me so old so fast.

      Well, thanks a lot for the time travel, much appreciated! 🙂

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    1. Oh, yes, a lot has changed. But with Windows 10, they’re trying to get more of the classic interface back, albeit with translucent menus.

      Bill Gates is still out doing his thing, with his wife & charitable work; on the board of directors as an adviser, major stockholder—nowhere near R&D.

      I’ve never used Linux…other than the fact that Android, applicable to my phone, is a Linux-based OS. Ubuntu Desktop is more like Mac OS X, though.

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