So Far-Removed

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I just had to remove the draft I wrote for a post on Free Speech, in response to someone else’s post on hate speech.  Because it fell apart.  I couldn’t cut the things that made it a post, as opposed to the comment it was…

Despite the fact that all speech except for actual threats of harm is protected under the First Amendment, I couldn’t continue with it.  I added love our so-called “enemies”tough love, especially… I began to add the elements of violence and terrorism, and how hate groups aren’t quite responsible for attacks but rather individuals that cross several lines.  And I added my two cents that ignoring them doesn’t necessarily help because isolation is part of the cause of said violence…

Sigh.  In other words, it was too much because I’m full of crap.  And with politics, you mustn’t care what others think and/or you must prove everything you say with charts, and graphs, and studies, and everything else under the sun…

And I’m already a big ball of stress.  I can no longer tolerate certain foods, and I certainly can’t tolerate politics by much.  There’s so much attached to the talk of the U.S. Constitution, that I may do the whole Hear No Evil thing. 🙉

…Some scars will never heal…

…And then my phone buzzed, adding to all the noise

I just had to remove my Yahoo mobile account.Yahoo

For the more “private” email account—as opposed to the public G-mail—I was receiving subscriptions to things I hadn’t subscribed to.  I had it.  My mother may have over a hundred thousand emails in her inbox (don’t sign up just anywhere!), but my mobile data is precious.

Several times, the magenta notification light flashed this morning.  I did, however, receive ample warning prior to all this—among identity theft warnings (an insurance company saw my info, supposedly), the address was exposed.  So there I go.

So many traps lie out there, with may include the ‘unsubscribe’ links.  There was even one fake email that posed as “Yahoo, Inc.,” telling me my account was suspended…or so I read, from my not-suspended account.

Given my partial abandonment of the Yahoo account, I then put the direct mobile access up in a little bet on whether I’d soon get another unsolicited email notification.  It happened.

The end of that access account also meant the end of the limited news it delivered…so many megabytes of background data…a ton of random headline photos…that I copied to the PC.

So my world shrank a little.  But at least the traffic on my phone is smoother.

So what have you removed recently because it was “too much”?

Oh, and click on the image at the top of the post; Feross did a pretty good essay on internet Free Speech, back in 2009… There, I got an answer to the allegation that cable companies were/are reducing bandwidths for lower-paying subscribers: in 2007, the Associated Press ‘busted’ Comcast for blocking access to BitTorrent, two out of three times.  (Note: the old Yahoo links are dead.)

10 thoughts on “So Far-Removed

      1. lol , well I just use my desktop or laptop for the internet, since I am self employed most of my time is spent at home and online.


  1. In my mind, all you have to do is quote the constitution and amendments. For those who live in the USA and don’t want to acknowledge the basis of our culture, I have no need or desire to placate them. They have a right to speak their mind, but so do others.

    Why do people consider it “hate speech” when someone has an opposing opinion?

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      1. Well, I slogged through it. It’s the usual attempt to squelch any other opinion by vilifying it.

        What about the people who chant “Kill crackers, kill cracker babies.” I saw it happen but no one arrested this man, who obviously doesn’t know what the word means. . A “cracker” is someone who was born in Florida no matter the race, color or creed.

        Hate is hate whether it’s inciting a riot against any group. That’s what angers me. The only thing that Political Coercion (also called correctness) does is to create a volcano with no outlet.


  2. I just threw my phone in the bay. Problem solved. 😉

    As to writing those responses to others, yes, there are days when i just let it go. I can only handle so much aggravation. Sometimes I am called to just leave people in blissful ignorance and do something else.

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    1. No, the word “Cracker” was well known to generations of Floridians before New York City and Cuba tried to take over South Florida. Those of us in North Florida worry about the city folk from West Palm Beach trying to come up here and take over. 🙂

      People find ways to turn words into what they’re not, and vilify words that have a good meaning (as in “being able to discriminate between right and wrong”).


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