The three words that best describe you are Stink, Stank, Stunk

Austin H. has his Post Traumatic Snow Disorder, and Scott has Post Traumatic Skunk Disorder.  Here, the skunks add to the assortment of pests around the house. …Worse than the mere noise ’n’ turds of the mice at my house.

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Snoozing on the Sofa

Conventional wisdom says wildlife is the innocent victim when people move into the swamps. The animals in our neck of the swamp couldn’t be happier that such a generous species came and built houses for them to live under.

Here comes troubleDoesn’t matter the season, these guys are always ready to drop in.

The deer love our gardens. Our bird feeders save the squirrels untold time and effort finding 18 square meals per day. The “Little Man who lives under the porch” (probably a woodchuck, though ethnic origins shouldn’t matter) burrows himself into our hospitality often. Field Mice have bunked with our accommodating cat.

life in the suburbsThen there was this guy, who took a four-hour nap in our back yard last fall.

In February, a skunk set up housekeeping under our deck. We’ve entertained skunks before, but this one was special. Every night it would light up our house with the tangiest batch of…

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