Week In Review

What a week.  A lot of stuff to go over and no time to finish let alone start new projects.   Man, the time has gone.  Some remarkable things happened.

Okay, so the week wasn’t all that remarkable.  But I did catch up on some shows and Beatles tracks.  I saw where Boardwalk Empire went in plot—the word ‘cynical’ came to mind.  I also found that, after all this time, there is no other show on television like Mad Men.

In “The Better Half” (S6E9, 2013), Peggy (Elizabeth Olsen) had just entered the building after accidentally sending her beau to the hospital, resulting in a break-up, and everyone quickly gets into their respective work routines as if nothing had happened.  It adds to the Mad in “Mad Men.”  The series ends in April, so get caught up!

(Photo: Jessica Miglio, FOX)

On Gotham (Monday), we find Maria “Fish” Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith), after scooping out her left eye in last week’s episode, is trapped on an island with the mad doctor.  And after this season (the first—so much in the very first season!) she’ll be off the show.  (Talk about a short-lived role.)  However, on Extra, Pinkett-Smith teased a little about the “awesome finale,” saying, “You never know what Fish might have up her sleeve.”

tumblr_nivcc2znQR1u2dqtyo6_250I wasn’t too pleased to find CW wasn’t rerunning Supernatural after the season ended.  I missed a big chunk of it, and…week two of just Arrow, or the Flash, or whatever it was (Sorry, not a fan of either.)  So all I have of Dean vs. “bad Charlie” are tweets (William Shatner live-tweeted!) and a few awesome GIFs (via tumblr).

So I guess I’ll just veer off into recommended blog posts for the week.

First, OM’s series of guest posting, My Daily Life, etc. appeared endless.  My reader was busy.  To be “fair,” Jason suggested unfollowing / going directly to the site instead.  But that didn’t seem to do much as HR’s follower count increased.  The week in blogging also kicked off with Chouett’s (short) interview.

Besides my little meltdown, agreeing to a monthly poetry guest schedule, OM coincidentally posted Do you write poetry? right after Physical Engagement.  And Inspiration Indulgence.

I couldn’t forget one milestone that week: Paula’s 40th.  (I’ve made too many ill-advised comments on her blog already…)

On that Tuesday, RIVERS OF JEWISH BLOOD attempts to retell a part of history largely forgotten.  I was also reminded not to make assumptions.  And that my digital dictionary is very old…

In How To Find Your Exercise High, we see how far Darryl Partridge has come in just a few years.  He’s gone from having half his left leg removed to a qualified TRX trainer.  “What does a one-legged man do at the gym? Anything he wants.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.35.30 AM
box jumping is difficult for anyone let alone an amputee

Exercise is an antidepressant. Research has shown that exercise can stimulate the growth of neurons in the brain that depression damages. Doing sustained vigorous exercises three times a week can actually work as effectively as taking antidepressants.

Also Tuesday, zombies.  The next day, GRID Available for Pre-order!  So a lot of writing, post-apocalypse writing, and publishing, and agent-finding around me while I can’t even write comments without messing up.  My brain’s so permanently shot…

harrison-ford-warbirdMaking it to Thursday, some new links for Asperger’s, and Fear Is a Beaatch (yes, it is).  I also found out, via twitter, that Josette is exactly five years my senior—sharing the same birthday, which is strange…and cool.  Not so cool: Harrison Ford crash-landing a small plane on a golf course.  (He survived.)

On Friday, Love: A Man’s Perspective As Written By A Woman.

Austin Hodgens posted his second Blog Pitch Party only yesterday, yet it’s still active (somewhat due to reblogs), with 710+ comments so far, including his own; he must be exhausted.  So many blogs I’ve never seen before… Go check ’em out!

pitchI’ve been thinking about the wildly successful Blog Pitch Party I threw back in July, and I thought it was time to host another.

And in Just Because You’re Paranoid, FoG explained her nine-day absence in detail.

For six months now, out of spite or jealousy or whatever reason, former boss and his mom have been subtly sabotaging me. … This week, former boss and mom gave me five new projects … it’s impossible to get all the work done … even without any slacking.

Can you say, worthy of legal action?

Well, that’s the week.  I could add more, but I’ve taken too long as it is for this post.  Be sure to set your clocks forward one hour if you haven’t already.  That is, if daylight savings time applies to your state; Arizona doesn’t apply, apparently…

16 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. I’m finally catching up over here and I want to say THANK YOU for the Bday/blog shout out. But please, your comments are more than welcomed. I enjoy the witty banter, and information. As for Mad Men. Ohhhhh how I’m looking forward to catching up with the past season, I neglected it when it was airing. I’m prepared to binge watch in the next few days. Empire, I’ve been told is fantastic, as well as Gotham. I have a lot to catch up with. Decisions, decisions, which one first. 🙂 And now I also have a few other links to peek in on.

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