The difference between public access and anytime access

Before August of 2012, there was no blog.  Before October of that year there were no meaningful connections.  Even nearly two years in, you couldn’t call me a writer.  Not really.  Then, entering November, everything changed when aunt J. bought me the smartphone.  Needless to say, I am pretty grateful.

You’ve no idea how liberating it was.  Real-time communication had arrived, missing all those years, and I could finally use a search engine at any time of the day.  Okay, so wireless service is known for dropped calls/data, so virtually any time.  It certainly beats depending on library hours any day of the week; public access makes it about nothing but work and hope the results pan out.  In other words, no fun.

Blogging is about the life.  And when you have to cram everything in to short time frames, especially downloading files for offline reading, there isn’t much life.  It was enough that there wasn’t much point of having a blog since I couldn’t choose the time to be present, and I couldn’t even read replies let alone respond to them.  Even whole non-consecutive months passed in absence.

Finally, I could actually get the hang of blogging.  Finally, I could read more blogs and actually grow a community.  Finally, I could get the juices flowing, and have the ability to post with frequency.  Finally, I could adjust settings, and maybe try at guest posting, and all the rest.  Finally…I could have stats.

Stats Mar 4 2015

And, of course, I joined twitter.  I had previously created an account way back when, in the name of “Dick Ray Vaughan,” and subsequently deactivated it because, well…I couldn’t be there.  But in late 2014, I could.  The phone itself makes live-tweeting frustrating at times, but just being able to do so means a lot.

Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way that blogging still wasn’t going to be as I’d liked.  Because it’s about the life; and if you don’t have one, it doesn’t work for you, personally.  Without life experience, it can become ungenuine or at least shallow.  My efforts worked to a degree, but overall it hasn’t been fulfilling.  The results were still personally disappointing.  And it shows as few Follow-back.

I did learn, though, that views do matter.  Not for the numbers per se, but for the meaning in them.  Besides comments, you get some kind of answer with silent views.  It’s not much, but it’s there.  Loss of perspective is where you deserve to get silence; and you have to attract your applicable audience first, perhaps manually, to resonate.  And growing your voice usually takes time, and a bit of change.

Now…you may be thinking, what now?  What lies up the road ahead?  I honestly don’t know.  I’m pretty nearsighted. 🙂  I have so much more to learn.

But that’s it for me.  Have a nice day, and be sure to check out the Community on the right side of the page.  There are some remarkable voices out there.

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