What’s your ratio?

The ratio of follows-to-AVD for my blog is 3.65:1 7.457:1 this month.  Note that OM reblogged two of my posts in February, making the top two view counts under Home/Archives.  HR is also the 3rd largest referrer (below reader & search engines)—I don’t think I’d be getting so many nationalities w/o OM.

The ratio for last month is about 3.2:1 9.69 … (He definitely helped.)

You’re encouraged to go to your stats count and divide your follower count by your daily average view count (in the classic stats page—there’s a button on the bottom of the modern stats page), and enter that ratio on Mindful Digressions.

Update: I entered the wrong nos. in the wrong order for the deleted ratios above.  Sorry about that.


4 thoughts on “What’s your ratio?

  1. Mine is 10.2:1. I’m trying to grow my blog, but sometimes it feels hit or miss with the traffic. There are better times to post, I’ve noticed, but I’m thinking I should probably start using other medias to reach other people (ie: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc). Have you found any particular avenue gave you better results?

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    1. Twitter is one of the worst referrers for my blog—7, compared to regulars in the 20s.  Then again, I usually don’t add tags to the tweets because I’m a harsh critic of my own content.

      Blogging tends to be hit or miss anyway.  It’s better to grow your voice than to “grow your blog,” because blogging is really supposed to be about reflecting the life.


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