I had documented some of my pics on twitter recently of the icicles that grew on the house, but this is the high-quality lot (twitter always degrades JPEGs).  Er…higher-quality, given how I can tell, with the paint program, that the Motorola phone camera really only captures two megapixels (1224×1632).  Better than nothing.

This is an earlier picture.  More ominous, and yet smaller in comparison.
This is an earlier picture.  More ominous, and yet smaller, compared to…

They got fatter.
Eight days ago: they got fatter… And longer—I could not step back far enough for the small camera lens.
…And the other side.
…The Other Side (of house)

Now, for some daylight photos, shall we?

These are color-corrected.  And I mean, manually color-corrected.

Shot in daylight, this was a day before I knocked it down.
This photo shot the day before I knocked this side down.
Notice how one icicle isn’t far from touching the snowbank?  That long.
Nothing says “deathcicles” in this post like this shot.   Almost like an elephant’s trunk.  Things are looking up!

 Tearing these mofos down ended up breaking holes in the plastic covering for the window.  (The top part slid out for some reason.  The house has water damage.)

A view from the inside.  (Older; bigger now.)
An other-side view from the inside.
(Older photo.  They’re bigger now.)
Full five inches, and not even the largest I can see.
Five inches in width, and not even the largest chunk I can see.
…Given this.  Already forming new ones, the day after I knocked ’em.

Well, that’s all for today.  And no more, because I…knocked them down.

But these photos will make for some lasting memories…

Wait—how did this get in here?
Wait—how did this get in here?

14 thoughts on “#Deathcicles

  1. Deathcicles is about right. Huge! Don’t stop and stare up at them all right? (Btw I wouldn’t think BC’s outlet plug is really up his nose 😉 but hey what do I know, so you’ll let us know if you get him running?)


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