Guest Posters Wanted!

Cheap bridges may allow one to climb walls, but one day … one day …

Ahem.  So I have internet access.  But via phone.  Not much, and never enough.

I still need to “take it easy.”  And not just because of the previously stated limitations, and not because I’m a bad writer (I am a bad writer), but for health reasons.  So to fill you in, I’m again spotlighting the chance to literally fill you in.

This blog may only have a dozen or two dedicated followers (335 in total at the time of posting), but exposure is exposure, and there’s always room to improve the community and culture.  On another thought, there’s always a place for something; what may not work on your blog might work here.

If you’re interested in Guest Posting, use the Contact page above.  The relatively easy terms are as such:

Terms and Conditions
  1. Decorum.  I won’t invite known TOS violators, people not familiar with decorum, or otherwise bite the hand that feeds them… I reserve the right to reject requests made by those with no sense of humor.
  2. Security.  The same goes with absolute strangers, people with shady backgrounds, or no background at all. …And no one under 13, obviously.   Invites will be held open for only a whole day, so be prompt.
  3. Originality.  I will not host anything already put up somewhere, nor images nor images not owned by the user, besides indistinct Commons images with credit.  Include the appropriate link(s) in your request so said images can appear in the library.  (No email attachments, please.)
  4. Maturity.  No graphic content.  This is a ‘PG’ blog; no higher than a 14+ rating.  Language is allowed, but try to minimize vulgarity as much as possible.  Photographic nudity is not allowed.
  5. Proofreading.  I won’t edit for you. …Okay, if you ask really nicely I’ll look for typos, add commas, etc.  But keep in mind that doing so may take a while, and, well, you know, you can only blame yourself for bombing.

Now, because I don’t have a life offline, and public access is still available, if I don’t show any activity for a month, I am either hospitalized or dead.

Okay.  That’s it.  Have a good week.  And hopefully, the upcoming FCC decision regarding internet with cable providers (possibly making internet a utility) won’t make things worse…


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