Jason The Opinionated Man of Harsh Reality 10 “Facts”

I didn’t thank Jason when he reblogged one of mine because I found it strange that he did, and didn’t want the attention—breaking a few stats records—to go to my head.  I was also a bit busy answering comments as a result.  And…I don’t know nearly enough to do any “thanks” justice; sanseilife apparently does with this “10 Facts” post.  I love #3 in this list.  But I should clarify that he does sleep…in the morning…honestly, I don’t know when, but he does.

Now, hopefully things can go back to normal. …Some day.


Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked my stats on WordPress while waiting for the microwave to beep.

I had a bunch of comments, views, likes and visitors, I thought I must’ve accidentally accessed some other WordPress blogger’s account!

Within about six hours I had surpassed my previous daily record on comments, views, likes and visitors!

What happened? JASON from Opinionated Man and Harsh Reality….

Jason had reblogged a short post I did commenting about a WordPress notification.

Jason always offers to reblog, guest post, guest blog, and share a post.   I never took him up on it because I figured it was for his more sophisticated followers but now I realize he can help even us little guys from the suburbs. I’m from Arvada, Colorado. Hey wait I am pretty sure Jason is from Arvada, Colorado!

So here’s 10 things I wanted to share that I know about…

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