My Love… inspired by a few other Bloggers.

What is love? This is love. 100/100.

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more than just a country boi

here is why my marriage lasted 18 years and would have lasted until we were both old and gray and beyond before Cancer took her.

Our relationship was based on Honesty,Trust,Respect,Love,Friendship and Faith in each other and in God, really pretty simple , but i’ll go into some detail in hopes of this post being helpful to those in Love or just falling in love.

First I have to say this: who ever told you a relationship is 50/50 is so full of shit their eyes should be brown! The simple and honest truth is , a relationship is 100/100, you each give your all 100% or you give nothing and the relationship eventually fails …. simple concept, sometimes hard to practice, but always must be done.

Our relationship worked so well because she was not just my wife and soulmate, she was also my very best friend, and I…

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