Zombie Tweep

Being up at four in the morning sucks.  When you’ve nothing to do, and nothing to read, and no one’s up, and you cannot sleep.  It sucks.

And over time, you just know all those wasted minutes will add up in the course of your life.  It sucks.  And now you’re checking back on twitter.

And you’re thinking: time zones.

The Brits are up.  Oh, a haiku.

If nothing else, you recall those little moments of early-morning conversation, even in the comment section of a blog.

What season are you in? Episode?

Of course, possibly to the detriment of the health of the respondee.

Still, I haven’t gone to sleep today.  Like yesterday, I’ll probably get to bed at say, noon.  But I’m still stuck to the interwebs.  Among my finds on insomnia were abandoned single-post blogs, like Gina T.’s Weblog: I Don’t Sleep Well (2008), non-abandoned blogs like Don’t Sleep, Travel!, and follow her on twitter @dontsleeptravel.  And posts like Don’t Sleep with your Cell Phone (2014).  (That pillow got burned.)

Image source: forzombies.net

Now, before I die, the sarcastic joke I made on tumblr about being popular there beat me to the punch.  It died.  Today, I found that same little lightning bolt with and no number.  That means zero activity.  Zero on my tumblr.  I cannot survive there.  If I were to live there, like something in Tron, I would die.

So now, the only real use there, besides p orn, is using it as a reader for publicized WP posts.  I do this, in part, because the actual reader is so clunky.  Ever have that glitch where a single post or a group repeat endlessly at the top?  Do you ever go back and forth between windows or tabs, adding stuff, but you’re really just waiting for a reply on something you did? …Am I dead yet?

What difference, at this point, does it make?!

—Hillary Rodham Clinton

Well, here, today, Tuesday, this morning, some quarter of five, before any sunlight could be recognized in the frosted windows, on a record-cold overnight, after loading a few things on the PC, in the house, in real life, weird stuff happened.  As if I’m soooo volatile, considering the whole “WTF do I do now?!” it seemed the universe needed to correct itself around me.  Me.  My person.

I’m not kidding; something creaked in the middle of writing this, and I could not find the source of the sound.  Was it wood?  Is something going to collapse?  Was it one of the plastic containers?  I kicked a few things, but I could not reproduce the sound.

I swear I didn’t move.  It must be ghosts.
Stuff I kicked.  I swear I didn’t move while taking the photo.  It must be ghosts.

Oh, I used to be afraid of the night, some nights.  Of demons, and things that go bump in the…night.  But then, I thought…what demon would want to possess me?  I’m useless.

So I began to calm myself down, this morning, and things around me calmed down.  Things died down.  I died down.  Back to normal.  Miserable life restored.

Am I dead yet?

If you are on twitter and up at 2 a.m. ET, feel free to kill my zombie early morning boredom.  Or just kill me…whereupon once the zombie apocalypse has started, I’ll probably be back at the computer, on twitter.  From sleepless dead (not to be confused with Sleepless in Seattle dead) to technically dead, quite possibly tweeting, braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains .

12 thoughts on “Zombie Tweep

  1. Well, at least you read my story. Thanks for that! If I were you, I’d find a good book to read. I think that will help with sleep better than reading anything on a screen, plus then you might be tempted to get on social media, etc. I hope you get some sleep soon.

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  2. Well, I will post links to my blog and books at the end of this. I wanted to tell you that I have set my life for a sleep of 4-12:30 most days. I am disabled and decided that is when I work best. So, I do. Now, I write, I watch “Hulu”, Netflix, play games on FB, I love Minecraft, and I write a blog, so I keep busy. Most days I am look up and realize the day (and night ) are gone and I am not done yet. So, there are things out there…keep looking.
    http://www.amazon.com/Transfixed-Keeping-Watch-other-Terror-ebook/dp/B00K5C16LU/ref=la_B00K7LB5II_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1414168673&sr=1-1 Book

    Blog: https//:kindredspirit23.wordpress.com

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  3. I’m always up into the wee hours of the morning too, it sucks, especially when you start hearing zombies outside your window at 3 am. I installed a sound app on my phone the sound of rain and thunderstorms helps me fall asleep, otherwise I’m scrolling on facebook and I get a headache.


  4. I suffer from sleepless nights too and it feels like an alternate universe, doesn’t it? I hope you get some sleep soon. The things that go bump in the night, remember, you wouldn’t have even noticed it during the day.

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