As if the past thirty days haven’t been enough of a roller-coaster.

First, the meltdown over at HarsH ReaLiTy, which got worse, and everyone knows what happened by now, yada-darcy-yada, so I won’t elaborate.

Then there was the one-year anniversary of the implosion of Le Clown, something absolutely no one wants to talk about, due to sensitive subject matter.  (Speak or don’t speak, I was still in shock; I received no word, and googled it mid-2014.)

Then #Snowmageddon2015.  I’ll just let this image speak for itself.

(Image source: twitter)

Then it was confirmed that Bruce Jenner is actually, voluntarily turning into a woman!

(Image source: Access Hollywood/Yahoo!)
(Image source: Access Hollywood/Yahoo!)

And who can forget the Grammys, that is if you watched or read about it.  Kanye the narc stole the stage again.

(CBS television; image source: twitter)
(CBS television; image source: twitter)

To make matters even more mind-boggling-yet-shamefully-predictable, I seriously did not know Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl was actually written by a middle-aged man until Fish Of Gold presented a Perry-Martin hybrid.

Yesterday, OM’s concern of the decline of male-to-female ratio in the blogging community became my own as I saw only women engaging in my most recent posts.  That’s right: zero males.  As if I didn’t already come off as a creep on WP, the fact that I am only talking to women, here I should yell, “hey dudes, where the hell are you?!”

That was met with the reveal that Helena Hann-Basquiat is actually… You know what, I’m tired of all this.  Go check it out yourself.

27 thoughts on “Dude…

  1. Okay, I’ll try to be more masculine. ::clearing throat:: I’m trying to “talk” in my best Bass but all I can manage is a low Tenor. I give up, I’m definitely female. I love male bloggers and I agree, we need to hear more from them!

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  2. I was quite impressed that all my comments for my Valentine’s weekend suggestions were all from girls, especially since I started the post of with “Men: don’t read.” But then Jason reblogged it and the whole thing went to pot.


    1. Heh…I’m kind of overwhelmed for the moment because he reblogged mine…(I have to sleep, J!)

      For some reason it’s easier to attract a female readership…especially if you’re female, talking female stuff.

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  3. I have been mistaken for a dude multiple times on WP – do I count? 😉
    Oddly – I often, though not always, find my commentary is largely male?! SO I empathise with the predicament you call to light here – in reverse.

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