Friday Fictioneers: Cornered (2015.02.06)

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the prompt, and Melanie Greenwood for the photo.

Thinking of mazes, the image at one point made me think of a particular game with pseudo-3-D graphics, and…well, I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest… 🙂

I spent about forty minutes total writing this one too.

Genre: Sci-Fi
100 words

Copyright — Melanie Greenwood

Pulse racing, adrenaline high, Adrian sat against the nearest green wall, and inspected his wounds.  It’s come to this, he thought.  I’ve worked for the Federation twenty years, and this really might be it.  His job was extremely dangerous.  He’d numerous close calls, and this time he was without armor.

He prayed.  He hadn’t prayed in ages.  But as he closed his eyes, the voiceless mechanical sounds drew near.

Adrian jumped in time to dodge the bullets.  He ran far, but the cyborg closed in.  Garden maze.  I’m dead.

Cornering him, it froze.  Sigh.  Killswitched.  Just in time, thank God.

All participation is welcome.  The goal is to write a three-part story in 100 words or less.  You’re also encouraged to “think outside of the box.”

Click here to view the inLinkz for what others have written for the prompt, or add one.

Visit Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple for her own take(s) and her Friday Fictioneers page for more details.  You can follow her blog for the prompt each Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Cornered (2015.02.06)

    1. Wow, even before (and discontinued before the release of) the Nintendo. Got to check that out.

      No, the game I thought of was an improved version of the Marathon 2 engine, if you ever heard of that. One user map by a brilliant map maker had an open maze, and you had to either kill the semi-invisible cyborg or sneak your way past him. Not a hedge maze, but a maze nonetheless. It’s fairly 3-D and very difficult.


  1. Dear Adam,

    Close calls, definitely a nail biter. One suggestion, I don’t think you need the sentence, “his job was extremely dangerous.” Don’t tell us. Show us. How was it dangerous? Like I said, only a suggestion. A good story, nonetheless.



    Liked by 1 person

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