Well, it’s gone private already…

“I am really, really bad at time frames.”

That was his reply.  With the black twitter profile pic.  I’ve seen only two black square profile pics.

It was less than a week’s time.  If HarsH ReaLiTy posts are not showing in your reader, that is because OM’s already switched over.  You may have to refollow.  He was pretty quick to accept my subscription, so have at it and refollow if you want.  The link is right here in this paragraph (and it’s the raw wordpress.com link in case the domain should ever be unavailable…though if he goes .org it won’t work…).

I didn’t receive notification for the comment I laid on the latest post.  But at least the reply arrow has returned for the notifications menu…

Spread the word.  Even if you’re a troll. (Oh, they must be smiling now.  Maybe.)  It’s a new day, and so much sucks. …Hey, there’s a vampire in one of Austin’s latest stories…a lot of sucking in different forms…

Update: I have received a reply in the Notifications, and [Private] disappeared.  It appears he switched back to Public.  I’m usually the last person to know what’s going on…

Update #2: if things weren’t crazy enough already, OM has created a tumblr blog. …And so have I, apparently… Tumblr, acquired by Yahoo in 2013 for $1.1 bn.


12 thoughts on “Well, it’s gone private already…

  1. OM replied to one of my comments, and apparently I was too late to respond. I tried just now, and it failed to send, then WP pops up a box & tells me he’s private. I sent a request but I doubt it will work, my user name is different than my screen name, and hell all together different from my real name. lol.


  2. I followed your link in this post and was able to reply. But from my WP notification menu I couldn’t. Good to know my WP ID is visible…although all my posts show up with the blog name RMAW. Originally it had my full name, that I didn’t like. I think I found his blog through yours actually.

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      1. Up and down, and public again. Back to 52,600. The crowd has not disappeared; the doors were closed for a few hours. I’m not tired, but I am tired of having to explain today… RMaW, meet Chaos and Banter. :/


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