Pathways: Abstract thoughts on living life

This articulates the subject matter to a t.
…Something I’ve been thinking about.  It’s as if she’s been reading my mind…

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Rocky Path

We are all on a path we call Life, living in this existence, experiencing this world we call Reality. Everyone’s path is unique to the life they choose and the choices they make. We travel down the path, sometimes with briars in our way, leaving chunks of tender flesh behind. Sometimes the way is beautiful and clear. Sometimes the climb is all uphill and rocky. Sometimes we don’t see what’s around or in front us, and we stumble over our own feet. Sometimes we veer onto another path without ever realizing we’ve turned. Sometimes a change of direction is intentional. Sometimes we come up against a wall, an obstacle that seems to extend to infinity in either direction, and we wonder how we got there. Our choices are fairly simple, though accomplishing the task rarely is: up-and-over, down-and-under, or break-through. As much as going back may seem preferable, we can’t…

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