My Facebook Friends Are Full of Sh*t

Examples of that problem that’s plagued Facebook: members embellishing their stories …or here, stories that never happened.  Which one are you guilty of?

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Sass & Balderdash

With the advent of Twitter and Instagram, I’ll admit that Facebook and I have grown apart, but I’m not ready to let go of it completely. I have too many fond memories of how exciting it was to join Facebook my junior year of high school after Myspace had fallen from grace. Facebook was the first social media site where I stalked the popular kids and their boozy red cup pictures with captions that claimed they were drinking apple juice. In college, clicking through everyone’s dedicated Macbook webcam photo album spared me from many a boring lecture.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve started noticing that most of my Facebook friends are full of shit.

I think we’ve all come to expect a certain level of dishonesty on social media. After all, we want to convince everyone (and ourselves) that we’re living our ~best life~, and how better to do that…

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