The damage done…

(snow screen image)

So, some of you may be wondering about the aftermath—how bad it got here.  Well, relatively, it wasn’t bad.  I mean, it was a record-setting amount of snow in just a day, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the ice storm of 1998.

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Now that was horrible.  Five+ days without power over here, and far worse in other areas.  Parts of Canada were just…ruined.

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And for some places, the weather is horrible any which way.

Snow up to my shoulders?  No.  It was only sixteen inches.

(16" vertical image)
If you had to work it sucked, but otherwise…

My fingers swelled up doing some shoveling.  Just some pain.  I got out the yard stick early this afternoon to actually measure all the heights.  Not as high as what was measured in Portland, Maine—18″.  Up against the house, I measured 22″ accumulation (this includes the snow that was already there, drafts, falling snow from the roof).

(bank v. car image)
Snow bank almost as high as the car.
(8.5" snow on railing image)
8.5″ snow on the porch railing

About an hour without power.  Just a pain, really.  The snow was still fluffy.  This was a storm relatively easy to deal with, so to say.

(porch snow: 18" image)
Porch snow: 18″ vertical.

I did learn, however, an issue regarding the smartphone camera.  It’s so bad when it comes to low-light images that you have to use flash in darkness.  And it doesn’t work AT ALL against glass.

(photo-flash glare image)
photo-flash glare

Well, Massachusetts and New York got the worst of it.  Mass. got 31+ inches.  Blizzard and transit closures cost the NYC economy an estimated $200 million.

It could’ve been worse.  That’s what they always say.  Well, it was worse prior to 2015.

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image source: / Reuters
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Well, that’s what I have for today.  Thanks for reading.

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