Slipping – Guest Post

I was honored by Adam’s request to guest post with a poem. I don’t write poetry too often, but I like the challenge. Here, I have attempted to write in the Italian terzanelle form (with only slight cheating). I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.  – Amy from The Bumble Files



Where there’s light, there’s dark—
in the middle toils a tangled mind,
slipping, hiding, gasping,

Will I ever be enough?
Slipping away inside her head,
in the middle toils a tangled mind.

White, chalky tablets fill her hand,
her bright smile hides her dull eyes.
Slipping away inside of her head,

strength enough for everyone except herself,
Christmas baskets clog the decor.
Her bright smile hides her dull eyes,

pills distill antiseptic smells,
its rotting memories no one claims.
Christmas baskets clog the decor,

but no one says anything.
Where there’s light, there’s dark
lurking, wrestling with grace,
slipping, falling, grasping.

photo credit: hurleygurley via photopin cc

About Amy Reese

Mom, dancer, boot camp enthusiast, coffee addict, old soul. I like to write fiction and about life's unpredictable moments.

23 thoughts on “Slipping – Guest Post

    1. Oh, Ixchel!! Thank you! I think I will write more poetry. I really enjoy it. I think it’s good for my other writing, too. I’ve been thinking about you. We must talk soon.


      1. ’K.  I’ll just adjust your status here to Author so you can upload images.  No more delays like before.

        Be sure to go to quick edit when you’re done, though, to make sure comments and pings are enabled…I don’t know why they were off by default.


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