Guest Posters Wanted!

Man, I am really sick today.

My nose may not be running, and my head feels fine, but my chest is pounding and my nerves are shot.  It’s hard to keep steady, horrible when it comes to the touch-screen of the phone.

I dared try (continue) to write a post in the dead of morning, and slept, checked messages, went back to sleep and slept for half a day.  Sleeping on a horrible mattress means you won’t get quality sleep/respite, so… big downs for me.  I feel like crap, ultimately.

UGGGHHHHHH… I hate this feeling. …And it’s already Friday.  @#%*!


There comes a time when I run out of ideas or I’m out sick (today).  Or I’m at work, overtime, which is rare, given I’m unemployed.  #unemployed4ever  (not a cause tag, but a sad reminder tag)

So, I encourage my readers to use the Contact page above so that you could add a little culture here.  I’m not doing it for me; I’m doing it for the blog.  There are rules, of course.

Terms and Conditions

  1. I will not invite TOS violators.  You can’t be a breaker of rules that matter.  ‘Following too many blogs’ is an obvious exception (if that actually is in the TOS).
  2. I will not invite strangers.  I have to get to know you first.  If I already know you, then great; you’re scheduled.
  3. The content must be original.  I will not host content already posted on another blog, neither images that you aren’t responsible for.  If you must write the post on your blog, then click the Text tab and send the XML text in an email attachment instead of publishing.  (Note that images cannot be carried via text… well, technically they can with ‘data://…’ but it’s rare anyone does that.)
  4. The content must not be graphic.  This is a ‘PG’ blog.  Some language is allowed, but think ‘poetic not vulgar.’  Nudity, for the most part, is not allowed at all.
  5. Though I have the power to edit, I won’t.  You clean it up.  I might tell you to fix it up and resend, but that’s it; you can only blame yourself for bombing.

…I’ll see if I can write the Friday Fictioneers post today, finally.  If not…well, I’m sick.  My only excuse for a difficult prompt.  And also because WordPress was out of service for much of Wednesday.  The Internet is not forever…

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