The Heart Versus the Mind: Who Wins?

Both heart and mind are needed in respective application. In theory, the heart should come first. The mind to collect, the heart to absorb; in working combination, proper translation of the experience. The brain’s the computer, really, to assemble the words, to pay the bills, to survive the jungle. But the brain out of control is like a rampant A.I. destroying things in its path. Without the heart, there isn’t even a person; without both mind and heart, there’s no wisdom.


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The battle between the heart and mind is complicated. I’ve been through it a million times.

The problem is that while I let them duke it out, I sit back and watch. Frozen and indecisive. I don’t pick a side, for fear of making the wrong choice.

On one hand, the heart is the emotional, sometimes ridiculous side. It day dreams. The heart is hopeful and even unrealistic. Dramatic.

On the other hand, the mind is logical. Analytical. It’s detailed and organized. The brain is the voice of reason that causes the heart to sink in my chest.

I stand on the sidelines during the war between my mind and my heart. Even though my brain is currently telling me that the heart does not “feel,” and that the brain is responsible for that as well, my emotional side just doesn’t care.

The logical side wishes I were…

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