“Sorry for following”


Man there’s something seriously wrong with the mobile editor—the text keeps jumping around… using the PC, though expensive.


I used to have the kind of paranoia you’d see on the irtfyblog T-shirt.  The little gravatar eyes looking back at me, sometimes, whenever I saw some of the followers in the early days.  I no longer see it that way, but…it can be creepy, seeing people you don’t know looking at you, in a way.  Of course, they’re not actually looking at you—it’s a digital image, a photo, a reflection of life, a reminder, not life; the person cannot see you.  The camera on your phone is not transmitting to them, not that the signal for my phone is ever good enough to transmit all that data; no hacker or government spy will be seeing me because everything around me tech-wise is so weak, with literal copper corrosion.

And ‘pathetic’ is kind of where it is, really.  rtfyblog, or whatever his real name is, has something.  Either I was pathetic (and I was), or the people supposedly looking at me were pathetic (and how would I know?).  There is always something blown out of proportion when you personally haven’t gone far enough in life.  (I haven’t.)  There is always something more to do, a new way of looking at something, something yet to be accomplished, with so many damn steps at getting there.

It’s also weak in how I realized just how much people don’t actually care!  I could guarantee that most of the followers of this blog, if they ever met me, the person behind all this, they’d not only be harmless but they would pass by me with no time to spare.

No one cares.  Maybe about the results, your craft, your ‘words spilled from your eyes.’  But not about you.  So let that be a sad reminder when you’re hesitant to click the Follow button on someone’s blog.  There is no reason to apologize; you are here to contribute.  There is, however, reason to acknowledge how short the lifespan is for blogs.

I’ve seen quite a few them die.  UnfetteredBS is the latest, I’ve found.  Many have been abandoned, domains expired.

So before you know it, the blog, or the writer’s style, will be dead, or the site will become unused, private or password protected (I’ve a few more of them go that way).  I’ve had my chances before, and I was a fool.

Sure, I have a whole list of Followers that, besides promoting themselves, actually want nothing to do with me.  And some of them are pretty good at what they do.  But I don’t care about that much (the wanting nothing to do with me part).  I care about the quality, the life.

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  I don’t have to like everything I see; I have to learn.

Blogging is sharing—a learning experience of ‘logging’ life on the internet—a web-log, or blog for short.

So…if the content on someone’s blog (not mine) inspires you, do not flinch one bit, click Follow.  I’ll be doing that today.  (Unless it creeps me out, or they post too often because I actually use my Reader.)

Happy blogging!


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