“Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.”

I know I’m supposed to be respectful and everything, but today’s prompt is kinda lazy.  Simply commanding the writer to do something isn’t inspiration.

Inspiration is in the life, the effect that an experience can have on you.  It affects your tone, your judgment, your perspective, and compels you to do something without explicitly telling you.

Whether from a quote, a page in book, a video, or even a blog post, it tends to be the story that effectuates inspiration.  Taking the third sentence of a page 82 in a book might do it, but if not that, then what?  Again, I personally find this prompt lazy.  “…somehow.”

Lifting a sentence from a book could be considered ‘in the process of writing,’ but not original writing, not creative writing, not finding something in life and putting what’s within you into it.  In other words, people, you cannot really make it yours!

Often enough what inspires someone is something never realized before, even if it’s been seen before—the “a-ha” or “Eureka!” moment.

“An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green—what I’m currently reading (when I’m reading) for the first time—is full of these Eureka moments.  The book itself is inspiring to a degree because of its story and its quality and its life in—… oh, forget it.

“I was drunk in public in 1948; I was a public nuisance in 1956; and then I was in jail for two days on illegal discharging of a firearm when I killed Caroline Clayton’s rat snake in 1974.”

That’s the full sentence in AAOK, p.82.  It’s way too specific to use it, other than perform some kind of research on the matter and…hell.  As I’m the kind of person that struggles when it comes to crosswords because words have too much specific meaning to me, I’d just as well may give up here too.

I hate my life.

Now to find something actually inspiring…


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