Do It Now!

You can’t sit around for life to happen for you, and you certainly can’t watch TV forever.  You’d be a couch potato baking in your own heat.  But apart from the obvious laziness sense of sitting around, there is the blasted waiting game in other aspects of life.

Why wait for things to happen when you can do them yourself?  There is always something to learn, and well, the brain atrophies.  So learning is actually non-optional, if you think about it.  You will get dumber sitting, watching conventional TV (as opposed to educational TV, actually useful ‘reality TV’ like MythBusters).

So what if something you were expecting doesn’t happen?

You will get dumber sticking to only what you’re used to doing, and you risk losing relationships in life doing only one thing at a time.  There has to be a comfort in moving forward but less of a comfort with what’s already there.  (Still, be grateful for the love.)

What other purpose of college is there than to add skills that would help satisfy your future?  And does it really ever stop—learning?  Isn’t your ‘grown-up’ workplace environ just another form of college?  Every new thing is a new step up, everything you learned has either helped you on your way of either what you like to do, has helped you get paid more or at least got you to realize what you don’t like.

You really can’t sit around waiting.  Nature will find its way to kick your ass.  You can either atrophy somewhere or find the place a dump, or find the electricity shut off because you didn’t pay the electric bill.  Lights out somewhere.

When you’re up and not sleeping, there is always something to do, some awareness that is calling its attention, calling you to be a productive human instead of a high-functioning primate.  Many species in the ape family sit around watching their environment; it’s not just 98% similarity in DNA to us humans, but similarities in habits too!

It’s not necessarily wrong to sit around and do nothing.  It’s just stupid.  There’s pushing yourself too far, and OCD and everything, but there is also making yourself useless.  Both ends are in a way useless to the outsider.  Finding yourself doing nothing in a day is not a balance.  Sickness warrants rest and doctor visits, but apathy is crap-athy.  Like an account balance, taking yourself out of the picture is like going into a deficit.  A spiritual financial deficit or something.  I don’t know.

You work to make sure you can afford your ambitions, and you get what you deserve in the end.  Don’t expect your future, make it. Make it proud, and excellent, and awesome.  Follow your heart and take on that project you were thinking about.  Tell your doubts to take a hike.  And take a physical hike yourself, while you’re at it; exercise can be awesome.

Just food for thought.  Not popcorn food.


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