Caught, and Catching Up

I would like to apologize for not being able to reply to comments for the last few days.

My internet access is entirely off of a mobile phone for the most part, and it’s ridiculous how the companies charge you for data.  I mean bandwidth and clogging up traffic, sure, but only 0.5 GB per month?  It’s far better than dial-up, what I used in the crappy (but more alive) ’90s.  But websites these days are so demanding that typically 100 MB is spent per day blogging.  So many images—a reason why I have to avoid photoblogs during the weeknights [sorry, photobloggers].  In short: it sucks.  And apparently Tethering amounts to double the data tallied [unverified].

It’s easier using the PC.  Except for the half-screen (defective monitor) issue.


Now, the ‘Caught’ part of this post.

I got video of the mouse.  Listen to it dart off to the left.

These bastards might be ‘cute’ to the third party viewer, but there are at least two of them active at once, and one has kept me awake.  I’m not joking.  Call ’em cute, but they are desperate little fuckers, loud and distracting.  They shit where they eat; the only thing nice about that is that they’ve shit in the trash (where they eat), so the turds go out instead of left in the house everywhere.  (Of course, the literally rotten place stinks.)

Well, I will be trying my hand at live tweeting for the first time tonight!  #GoldenGlobes. …And it’s over.

I put my color optimization skills to use to make this GIF animation of one of the larger videos.  Update: I accidentally uploaded the GIF with the wrong frame rate; the mouse is sniffing, not…anything else.


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