What Am I Doing On Google Plus?

Now that my PC has started up, after fear that the machine would be in an infinite restart loop with the “Undoing Changes” prompt (an update failed; and an update made automatically while …tethering).  (And beside the fact that there’s been some jerkiness, even with the cursor, which as a programmer I can tell you is troubling.  Just something to expect if you have Windows 8…)

I’m on Google+.

You know, the a service that became free to compete with the Likes of Facebook?  (Google+ has +1s instead of Likes.)  The service that automatically tags your posts, which eliminates your need to use your brain in that area?

Google+, the provider of the Android Authority, that has so far treated me like a Rush Limbaugh fan until it’s established that I’m not?

From Google, the “all-seeing, evil” company that, besides Facebook and itself with its own “don’t be evil” maxim, seems to know everything about you, and wants to cozy up with the government for taxpayer money (allegedly)?

Google Inc., the conglomerate company that bought YouTube ($1.65 bn.), Waze (map and nav. app; $1 bn.), Motorola’s patent portfolio ($12.5 bn., sold for $2.9 bn.), Zync Render (the rendering tech company behind Star Trek Into Darkness, hundreds of commercials), and tried with Twitch (nabbed by Amazon)?  The company that put Quickoffice on smartphones everywhere within months of its news offering (legal, but against the wishes of Microsoft), and might as well be Yahoo’s buyer in 2015?  (And Yahoo tried to buy Google for $3 bn.!)

Yeah, I’m there.

And I’m guessing my activity there can only add to my utterances of “I’m going to hell.”  It hasn’t though, so far, given the strangeness/weirdness of the implementation.  I mean, Circles?  To some that sounds cute, but to me it sounds even more closed off than how Facebook handles its own member grouping.  Closed Circles—literal media closed circles.

And with the inevitable jerks that exist online (already seeing them already! 🙂 ), I can expect a new meaning to the term “circle jerk.”  No, nothing sexual, just…annoying people on Google+.  Move over, ‘Friending,’ I just circle-jerked you!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And to spoil my potentially brief presence on G+ (with this post)…

After making Amy my first ‘Friend’ (and sadly, likely the last), this was my first post there (enjoy!):

These Google circle things here are strange.
(Yeah, I’m new here.  And Facebook kicked me out for not proving my own ID in time.)

Anyway, I found another use for a Christmas gift, given my body can’t tolerate sugar as much as it used to…

Chocolate pyramid.


G+ automatically tagged #Facebook, #ChocolateLovers and #Chocolate… So, hey, choco-lovers, does this image circle-jerk you make your mouth water?  No, I didn’t think so.

Thank God, WordPress doesn’t automatically tag posts; ’cause then there would be people attracted via— what else, but Google for the circle-jerking that, here, means something else entirely.  What am I kidding, it’s going to be indexed that way anyway.  Thanks, social media!

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3 thoughts on “What Am I Doing On Google Plus?

  1. Google+ is like a slow kid on a playground. Honestly. It made me make not 1, but three accounts. Its silly. I’ve been trying to use it to my advantage, however. The whole social media thing escapes my little brain, and trying to promote a book and myself as an author, I need every venue available. Facebook loathes me for some reason.
    I love my WordPress. Its easy, simply. It lets me tell it what to do. I like that. I’m the bawse!

    Liked by 1 person

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