“The Tragedy of Tragedy” – Elitism For All – by Ozgur K. Sahin

Reading this through I did find worth reading.  Initially, I noticed someone with cancer who needed help (Elsy).  It may be futile on my end, but I sincerely don’t want people to suffer.  Please consider thinking about contributing to her fund.  It is the season of giving, after all.  It’s supposed to be about people not stuff, anyway…


One thing I began to address in my article, “Conspiracy Theology,” was the notion that whenever something bad happens to us, we feel compelled to find a pattern that explains it.  “Everything happens for a reason” and “there must be something you’re supposed to learn from this” are common things to hear when tragedy strikes.  People often have the common decency not to say it as often as they think it, but it is for the most part human nature to try to see and define the problem, and then to solve it.  Well, this last week my girlfriend was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, and I (along with others) am being put to this very test.

While I keep an eye on this human tendency to look for mistakes or causes of problems (and their inherent solutions)—diet, vaccinations, environmental issues, Murphy’s Law, or any other thing people can dream up—and…

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