The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Warmth.”

 Sun O’er the Trees

It’s a relatively warm day today, enough that I could just walk outside and take an unlimited number of photos.  I only took two; I’m no professional photog, and there aren’t many good things to look at round here.

Sun from porch

At times, we feel cold inside or outside; nevertheless, the sun is there.
Nevertheless there is an environ awaiting to warm us.

Sometimes we don’t see it.  Sometimes we are quick to judge it.  Sometimes we complain about it not doing what we are supposed to be doing.  Sometimes we just waste.

But there are endless opportunities around.  And there is sunlight abound, at least here right now.  And it is warm today in December.  I have few ideas on what to do, but I want to make this day worth while.

The sun is up, and it shines and casts its normal glare; and the trees move producing a dazzling display of light in the kitchen, as always.  Life awaits me.

The Beatles needn’t say so many words…

Here Comes the Sun;
Here Comes the Sun
, and I say,
It’s alright

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