Friday Fictioneers: Snap! (2014.12.19)

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for her prompt, and Doug for the photo.

Genre: Mystery/Suspense
99 words

Copyright — Douglas M. MacIlroy

“I’m trying my best!” Bobby said. “Don’t push me.”
“Okay, I’m sorry.” Kyle responded.  “What about your parents?”
“I’ve made sure they won’t find out.  No need to worry.”

They entered the shed, and searched for the pliers.
“I can’t find it,” Kyle whispered.
“It’s supposed to be in here.  Keep looking.”
All the sudden they heard a loud snap.
“What was that?” Bobby whispered.
“You mean, who?”
Another snap.  They slowly crept toward the sound.
“Where is it?” Bobby.

They saw a spider trying to grab hold of a snapping bug.  The spider persisted despite being repeatedly scared off.


All participation is welcome.  Hopefully, I did it properly this time; it took far more time to set up the post & link it than to write the story.

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Visit Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers page for more details, and follow her blog for the prompt each Wednesday.


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