End-of-the-year-holidays, not so much here

Christmas, Chanukah, Cuanza.  It’s that time of the year where we’re either cheery and festive or bleary and pestered.  Whether you’re serious or pious or irked by your choice of traditonal, pagan-based or made-up or “other” holiday, there’s always family, right?  Right?  Oh, well.  There’s always next year.

As for my parts around here, the holiday season hasn’t even started.  It’s the 19th of December, by the way.

It’s all been blocked out to concentrate on work, besides already watching a few Christmas-themes movies some time ago.  Hallmark.  Lifetime.  Maybe even ION.  Maybe I’ve already gotten my giddy fix of “Christmas cheer” that way.  Or maybe it’s the fact that the tree was pretty much put up permanently.  It’s like it’s Christmas every month here, just how lazy the decorating is.  Some of the lights are very permanent.

It appears the tree has been put in a bag.  I mean—right before the holiday season, it was put in a trash bag.  Out of the many trash bags in the house.  Some “tupper-ware,” loads of black bags used for non-trash.  (And of course there are labels placed on the many bags, stowed in the room where I sleep to differentiate between them all.)

To literally think: Christmas in a bag.

tmp_3800-pumpkin-skel-798127789Some of the Halloween decorations are still up.  Hmm… those were taken down all of a sudden too.

“Christmas is coming,” my mother saystmp_17256-muffins-161951890.  “It’s cold outside!”

Some muffins were made as presents.

Hope you have a great whatever-you’re-celebrating!  Happy Holidays from one poor house. 🙂


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