I know what invisibility is like—ignored or forgotten.
Hell, I’m still invisible today.
But I have my talents, known and undiscovered, as do you.

Your awareness is a gift.  I know it, I feel it.
Look around you.
You may not think the life applies, but it does.
Act with your dreams, and you’ll find yourself, rising above.

Keep your professional side high, and look to the sky, and smile.
You may not have it all but you’re already capable at what you do.
You’re not a zero.

You can’t wait for life because life is waiting for you.
And don’t be ashamed to shed a tear.
Some people are just too scared of what to do when you do.

Image is one thing, and one thing that fails to really care.
But a person alone to oneself is one more unique.
Therein lies a strength, one desperate to be shared.


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