How To Be Read

Are you sick of not being read, with your blog?

I have the answer (and it’s not a gimmick!)… now that I’m up and awake against my will because of another painful eyelid infection.  And some crap weather, not unrelated to that Nor’easter causing its whiteout/blackout in New York.   I got only four hours sleep.  Okay…before I go blind…

First, read this: Blogging—Battling Doubt.  And it’s not about doubt, per se.  It has the answer.  Or, to be accurate, part of it.  It makes a good lead.

And if you don’t want to read it, then shame on you.  Shame.

’Cause if you want to be read, then you have to read.

Actually, you should be reading anyway, ’cause that’s what blogging is much about!

You receive what you give, but often not in the exact form given.

And more shame if you still haven’t clicked on the link, ’cause I’m about to spill the secret right here, right now:

It’s all about what you do.  Blogging. Is. All. About. What. You. Do.

If all you do is complain, then congratulations, you will attract more people who will also complain, maybe even only complain and not follow your blog thing.

If you look for random followers, then congratulations, you will attract people who may not share your interests, or your timing for that matter.  That answers the question as to why you have more Follows than Likes.  I have more followers than posts, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing.  If you want more people who think like you, then you have to go out there and find them!

If all you do is sit on the loo and write posts your opinions, then you may just be… A[n] Opinionated Man.  Maybe.  J.’s one in a million.  And he’s addicted to Candy Crush Soda Saga (at the time of this writing).  Hopefully not pain meds; Chrohn’s is such a horrible disease.  I think I may just regret not following him sooner.  (Frankly, I was turned off by the seemingly oversimplified nature, “Women are Crazy.”  Only seemingly.  I have judged a book by its cover—for shame, me.)

It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re a do-er or not.  What you do will affect you anyway.

What you set your mind to and dream of will affect you.

I know I’ve had my share of why aren’t people interested! Wah!  But those times are there not for people to Like you.  No, no, those are times for you to read.  (And maybe write.)  And it works—reading; sometimes I’ve “magically” gotten responses while reading.  It’s a mystery that…really isn’t a mystery.  ’Cause if you want to be read you have to read.  If anything, space out the time you take to read your notifications by going out to read a post or two first.  Anything.  (And be sure to Like what your read if it was worth the read.)

So what are you going to do now?  Are you gonna go out there and serve those interests of your liking?  Or beyond that, add to those interests?  Are you going to do something productive that you might at first not think is productive?  Or are you gonna whine?  Are you just gonna sit on your a—… oh, that may be too specific, not to mention insensitive…just this line being left here like this may be considered insensitive too.

Have some patience.

Despite the old saying, when it comes to results, practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent (see link on next line).  And when that patience inevitably runs out, go ahead and read.  Haven’t I said it enough?  No, I haven’t said it enough: read first, ask questions later.  Quality writing requires reading, and sometimes vice versa (better vocab in writing yourself… so long as you have a good dictionary).

Feed your mind.  Seed it and things will grow.  Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia mind.

Whatever you do, Be honest and Have a sense of humor, man!

You have your own unique personality.  Complaining is not a unique trait.  Do you honestly want to waste your time doing it?

You’re here to share.  Sharing is caring, here, and that includes writing comments (for their intended purpose), not hoping to be seen.

And Follow A Opinionated Man.  He’ll keep you reading (or at least, he has kept people reading recently).

—A Sick, Coughing Man


8 thoughts on “How To Be Read

  1. I feel like people who complain are blogging more for attention, which they might not be getting, rather than blogging because they actual have interest in writing, interacting, etc….Do you think that is a valid argument?


    1. I stated in the post that blogging is about doing. Some people cook, some people knit and take photos of their work, and that’s what they do. Some people write, and share some of it, and that’s what they do.

      …And some people complain, and that’s what they do. It’s annoying to many, and it’s fine unless they never realize that they’re wasting precious time at complaining for a living.


      1. Yes, you did. I guess i was just thinking there was something deeper there for people…but you’re probably right. Its just what they do…


      2. There’s always the opportunity of going deeper. It’s a matter of choice. Some people look for quantity over quality (e.g., wanting more views or Likes), and it backfires on them. Think personal choice, people, not how people look at you.


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