Cold Turkey

Yeah, as predicted, it’s gettin’ cold.  Painfully cold.  Taking out the trash is literally painful.  So I can’t say the weather is worse.  But I can say my fingers were swelling, all over again.

But there is an advantage to the snow, I have found.  In the dark, the snow’s lightness makes shovelled paths visible during the night.  Full moon on the 6th, by the way.  It began to snow as I took this photo…and the previous, failed attempt.

Dark path

Not to the [Motorola] camera, though; the image came out completely black without photo flash—and I checked with a graphics program; all black pixels after scaling.  The device must be subtracting from the image to reduce noise.

Anyway, change of vantage point, this is the before picture for the turkey that was hardly eaten on the 27th.


And here is the after, only so lightly, slightly eaten.


And this was another—perhaps useless—post by adamjasonp.  At least, out of the smartphone, I got a camera, a flashlight, a memo pad, a memo recorder, a web browser, DooM (the game)…and a phone.

If you were expecting this to be about getting off a drug, I will publically admit that I’d stopped eating chocolate chips out of the bag.  My stomach can no longer tolerate certain things…

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