Snowed out Thanksgiving (maybe)

Yeah, so Anna Kendrick made news of taking photos of her native homeland of Maine.

Well, so did do did I. I actually live here. And not in Portland. And we don’t have a generator. Or a million bucks.

Front yard.  See any cars?
©2014 adamjasonp

It was worse than this photo later on.  Pitch blackness dark. And one of the flashlights are broken. No, no photos of cemeteries here.


A not-so-uncommon look out the window from around these parts.
…©2014 adamjasonp

I didn’t mind so much. I just eventually went to sleep in that pitch blackness. The power was on long enough to watch some crappy Hallmark movies first. It cut out after the Thanksgiving Day Parade movie. I can’t quite say it was worth watching…getting better as a writer, I can see through too many holes…getting drunk and puking, and TV-G somehow.

If the weather gets worse, I’ll make another post of it.

Have nice Thanksgiving. (If you’re reading this.)
Update: Kendrick got it worse, with no heat or power for the Thursday holiday.  Sorry, Annie!  And not to be confused with Annie Claus, in Annie Claus is Coming to Town, one of the worst movies I’ve seen on Hallmark channel.


4 thoughts on “Snowed out Thanksgiving (maybe)

  1. As miserable as you must be in this weather, your photos are incredible. Oh, keep snapping away. This is a definite event that you are experiencing, and as difficult as it may be, it will be memorable. I just hope you’re warm. Stay warm, Adam.


    1. I don’t mind the weather so much, though it *will* get colder (not even Winter yet!). It’s always the missing out part, and the power went out… I’d willingly endure the cold just to have a decent conversation.


      1. That would be so rough to not have power, not to mention, kind of scary. It could be a good time to enjoy the silence or have a decent conversation, so long as this person is with you. 🙂 Or, a book by candlelight…


      2. The power was only out quarter of 4 to about 6 on the 26th and during the early morning of the 27th, so I did not miss Thanksgiving day at all. Like I said (in the update): Anna K. had it worse; I was, and still am fine, heatwise. Emotionally, however…the weather has nothing on that damage.


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