Love v. Fear

If I were limited to giving one piece of advice, it would be this:

Act on love, not fear.

Fear may work its way into the fabric of substance and identity.
But fear is always the slower, as it is spiritually lower.
It works as an indicator, to say, “something is wrong.”
But in action, fear misleads.

Giving in, fear turns to anger, hatred and despair.
Its stress causes damage.
Its distress causes things to fail.
But love lifts you up.

Love isn’t mere emotion; love is what bonds things in life.
Love is spiritual oneness.
Love is instantaneous when allowed to breathe free.
In action, love melts all the badness away.

Loving life responds with it.
Validating one’s existence, say, “you’re worth it.”
Without so much words.  With hugs, maybe.
While organisms need it, love itself asks nothing in return.

Love is trust.
Love takes you where you need to go.
While fear distorts, love always gives something on your behalf.
While fear machinates, love is immediately caring.

Love is the difference between a life fulfilled and a slow death.
Love isn’t always comfortable, but it is always warm.
Sometimes it amounts to a little death, a la petite mort.
On that note, it eventually leads to more love.

And more love, and more…
And when you feel it, you don’t want it to end.
While fear kills and can make you want to die…
Love makes you, me want to smile and cry.

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