Starting Over!


First, I would like to apologize.
Ultimately, I am sorry for what I’ve done and done again.

I said I’d delete this blog, but… there are too many dependencies, and there’s too much history…  In other words I care too much for some of the material here.

I have yet to forgive myself the things I’ve done over my life.  But I should never forget.  (And how could I, someone obsessed and so alone, that things move so slowly?)

So I won’t delete the whole thing, just individual posts the better me just can’t believe would ever be.

Since I started writing that novel I mentioned the last time—started June 4, things became clearer for me, personally.  I opened a world.  I killed a writer’s block (and, in part a life block) by simply extending a daydream, along the way forcing myself to think about my life in order to bring life to a fictional character.

At least the whole novel thing (32,500 words now) carries a better purpose than the mere desperation that got me to create this blog in the first place.  (Yes, it started out of desperation.)

Changes shall be made.

So, without a further pause, here’s my To-Do List.

  1. Kill ungenuine/unfunny posts.
    Est. time: “forever”
    In other words, be less ugly by way of (and this is important) being myself.
    I know, I know, it sounds impossible.  But I need to stop running from my problems, or otherwise expecting unsuspecting “readers” to solve them for me.  (I hate you guys.  I love you guys.)

  2. Change theme.
    Est. time: minutes done (and my, it looks better already! —even the depressing stuff!)
    Goodbye Notebook Theme, may you rot in hell (just kidding).
    Even though libertarianinmind is stuck with me as part of the web address, that LIMitation shall be insignificant in comparison.  It shall.
    Hello, and someone kill me The Dependent Independent.

  3. Be more open, Like more stuff of strangers.
    Est. time: easier said than done (and yes, I’m calling that a measurement of time; I’m the ref here, not you)
    See #1 on the bell-end issue of being less ugly first.

    π.  Add “This is is one of the worst things to ever grace the pages of WordPress” to first post, Thursday: Another Day.
    Est. time: pending canceled

  4. I need internet access.
    Est. time: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (wait, you’re serious?)
    Yeah… this still, all the same, nevertheless isn’t something in my power, #ForeverBroke.
    This interferes with items 1-5.

  5. What happened to Eric “Le Clown” R.?
    Est. time: hey, this isn’t a to-do item! (too bad, Time Estimator)
    I am so far GD (goddamned) out of the loop that I still have no idea what happened.  In January, everything stopped and all but vanished, and my/others help in the transition to Better Blogging™ (which I took for granted) had ended.

  6. Create YA (young author) blog.
    Est. time: pending
    An area used specifically for writing, and an area that never puts politics in focus.  Writing: what I should’ve been doing since High School.  But #NoOneLovesMe :(.

Anyone else out there have a to-do list?  Care to add something to this list, even though you have little to no business in my affairs?


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